WileyJo Farms

knudsens-web-61WileyJo Farms is located in the Willamette Valley, east of Salem, Oregon. With 14 acres of rich, flat land and an old farm house, we’ve made a home and started a farm with the purpose of growing nutritious food, making delicious cider and experiencing the joy of living off the land. Our days are filled with tending to the hundreds of heirloom cider apple trees, our small flock of Jacob sheep, dexter cows, honey bees, pasture-raised poultry, berries, and vegetables. While many of the crops are young, we will soon be enjoying the fruits of our labor and sharing with those around us!knudsen-154-dsc_6483

Wiley, the middle name of our youngest and most wiley little farm helper. Jo, part of the middle name, Josey, of our oldest daughter, our spirited inspiration. We are happiest when we are outside, working on the land and appreciate the ability to know where our food is grown. As we dive into each new farming venture, we are thrilled that our children are gaining a deep respect for nature and all it can provide.

knudsen-199-dsc_6629We started with an open grassy field. Every plant, we planted ourselves. Every fence post, we pounded ourselves. Every animal, we raise, respect and appreciate for the food that it provides to our family. Our boots are always muddy, our finger nails are always dirty, and we love sharing our farm with all of our friends, family and community.