Our Animals

It’s safe to say we like a little of everything! Hogs, Cattle, Chickens, Sheep, Ducks, we have it all and it sure keeps the farm interesting!  We believe that all animals deserve sunlight, grass, fresh water, natural food, space to roam and friends to gather with.

Pasture-Raised Laying Hens

We enjoy fresh eggs almost every morning, thanks to our lovely laying hens. These ladies are pasture-raised with acres to roam and the ability to be moved throughout the property with their mobile coop. Our kids are in charge of collecting the eggs and we sell fresh pastured-eggs throughout the year!




Jacob Sheep – Fiber and Meat

We’ve been raising Jacob sheep for three years, enjoying the adorable lambs, delicious meat and magnificent fiber. All of our ewes are registered with the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association and we typically enjoy 8 to 12 lambs in the spring. We sell sheep of all ages, so feel free to contact us if you are interested. All of the sheep are also joined by Fern, their guard llama.







imageMatt thinks that every farm needs a couple of wacky ducks for entertainment and slug control. So we added two drakes to the farm and they have been definitely helping with slug control!



Meat Poultry – Cornish Cross

image1Throughout the spring and summer, we raise Cornish-cross chickens to supply our family with healthy meals throughout the year. We raise them on pasture and provide them with plenty of fresh grass, sunlight, and non-GMO local feed.




image5Who doesn’t like bacon? We finally decided to raise our own. We jumped into the hog adventure with little preparation, knowing that we would learn a lot and make adjustments in years to come. This year we raised a few Yorkshire/Hampshire crosses and look forward to providing healthy, homegrown meals for our family and a few other families as well.



Dexter Cattle

image1We recently added two Dexter heifers to the farm, Patsy and Loretta. Dexters are a heritage breed that is approximately half the size of typical cows. They are a dual purpose breed that can provide our farm with beef and milk. We plan to breed them next Summer and look forward to calves in the Spring of 2018.



Honey Bees

imageWhile not necessarily an animal, our honey bees also seem to have quite a personality. Julia is the resident beekeeper, tending to the two hives, extracting honey and sometimes running from the bees.

Knudsen 143 DSC_6435



image3Our most beloved animal on the farm is Oakley, whom is also new to us this year. While I am not much of a dog person, she has managed to make her way into our animal-free home, onto our couches and into our hearts. Rain or shine, day or night, this coonhound is my buddy for every chore.




And, last but not least, the first animals on the farm were our three ferocious barn cats that keep all of the unwanted farm critters at bay.

Barn Cats